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Hello, my name is Alexandra. I am a journalist.


My fellow artists and I have created an art project IMHOME (in my humble opinion MAN) that took over 3 years, a lot of tears, hardships, and amazing mind bending experiences.


And now we want to share it with the world in a form of an art exhibition, which follow our book release.




Снимок экрана 2019-05-30 в 22.39.02.png

40 portraits created, based solely on written statements that were results of interviews taken in Moscow, Russia with influential men. 


The artists were not told who was interviewed.


40 heroes (8 of which are incognito), 20 artists and only 3 hours at their disposal in order to depict the inner world of a hero. Any artistic techniques were to be used.


Снимок экрана 2019-05-30 в 22.48.49.png




The goal was to create portraits of well know individuals, with all they had to go on, were excerpts of interviews....


We need your support in order to hold the art exhibition in Moscow. A collection of paintings created by contemporary artists from different cities of Russia, India, Armenia & Israel). The music for the project was created by artist from Los Angeles Shiru Fujioka.


We would love to bring him to Russia.


Any of you are also welcome to join us at this exhibition.


We greatly appreciate your support.


This project is very dear to us, and we hope you would come to love it as well


Thank you, really <3



808voltz - Shiro Fujioka
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